First blog

This is my first ever blog post, and this is the test post for the blog. I am hoping to regularly post up content on to this blog firstly so that I can remember the stuff I want to remember, and have it all collected in one place. Secondly, I want to blog so that I can get my ideas down onto a place where I can modify and edit that content later on. It will give me flexibility. Thirdly, I want to blog because my thoughts are abstract, and writing them down in this way will help me to crystallise my thinking and make it a little more concrete. Finally, I want to blog because it will help me to publish my ideas and thoughts onto the web where people like you, dear reader, might be interested enough to write a response in the comments sections below. That would be really cool, because having conversations about stuff that I'm really passionate about will help me to learn more about it.

Photo by Caroline

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