Lifestyle revolution week 2 and 3 #AHLlifestylerevolution

Sorry I didn't post an update last week! I had an exam that I needed to revise for!! So this is week 2 and 3 update!


I'm still doing my Juice plus and I'm loving it! Last week I did break out on my face but its calmed down now and my skin is doing great! I did have one day where I forgot to take my Juice plus Vineyard capsules and to be honest I didn't notice a massive difference. However, this week we had a craft fair at my church and in the morning I had shovelled down my breakfast but forgot to have my Juice plus vanilla shake. I was in THE worst mood EVER! Everything got on my nerves! I was incredibly stressed over silly things and I generally felt just awful. I felt sluggish and tired, I felt very, very angry for no apparent reason! So, as soon as I got home I had my shake and Amy was suddenly at peace again! I felt energised and motivated, I no-longer felt angry and stressed. Therefore, I think I can't live without my shakes anymore! I definitely need them! In fact this morning I dropped one of my smoothie jugs that I use to make my shakes and it's cracked. I cried and cried!! I'm Dyspraxic!! I drop things all the time! I hadn't had my Juice plus shake yet!! After drinking that I felt immediately better and I didn't care that I had cracked the jug anymore! IS THIS SOME SORT OF BLACK MAGIC?!!

My lifestyle revolution 1 week update #AHLlifestylerevolution

This is my first update in my lifestyle revolution. I am happy with some things but not so much with others. I'm splitting this discussion into health, organisation and happiness.


First of all my with health I've been doing my Juice plus trial. I have a Juice plus vanilla shake in the morning, which is delicious by the way and my rep said I can add something to it to make it taste better but I love the taste! I also have two vineyard blend capsules, both the capsules and shake with my breakfast in the morning. I think I'm doing well with eating the right food but I am still struggling with eating enough and eating at the right time. But me and my lovely Juice plus rep are working on that!

10 Steps for a lifestyle change #AHLlifestylerevolution part 2

So yesterday I wrote a post about me doing a lifestyle revolution on myself. I'm not doing a lifestyle change as this isn't big enough it's a revolution. I'm tired of the way things are at the moment, I'm bogged down with exhaustion and unhappiness. So I'm changing it all.

I went through what I'm calling the David Bowie moment! Which is below and we did the first five steps of this 10 step process. We looked at how we start this process of change and why we need to keep motivated. Click here if you missed the first five or if you're on the main page then scroll down! In this blog post I'm continuing with the next five steps in this process of change.

                   D ~ decide who you want to be and why.
                   A ~ apply yourself.
                   V ~ visualise achieving your goals.
                    I ~ immediate start.
                   D ~ diet and exercise.
                   B ~ be consistent.
                   O ~ organise yourself.
                   W ~ work at it.
                    I ~ indulge in what makes you happy.
                    E ~ environment. 

Right! So let's do the next 5 and work together to help each other. Remember to use the hashtag #AHLlifestylerevolution so that you can get support from others doing it to, including me.

10 Steps for a lifestyle change #AHLlifestylerevolution part 1

Balancing everything is hard so I'm making some
drastic changes to help me find balance.
I haven't blogged in awhile! I'm sorry. University this year has really taken it out of me. I'm exhausted all of the time and spend my Saturdays, which is when I do my videoing and writing, napping!! Yes, I sleep most of the day on a saturday now!! But, its all about to change. I'm fed up of feeling this way so I'm making some changes.

At the moment I'm very unhealthy, I skip meals, I eat bad things and I do too much in one go! I'm a workaholic. I can't stop myself. The problem I have though is that I'm a workaholic with poor time management skills so this causes me to work like mad monday to friday then crash on saturday then it starts all over again on sunday because I do some work for my church. But Saturday is my Amy hacks life day. So I'm sacrificing something I love. No, its not good enough. So I'm changing it. I'm breaking the cycle of work and exhaustion. I'm doing a lifestyle revolution on myself and I would love for you to join me.

Saturday has gone to-pot!

I am very sorry but due to unforeseen circumstances I will not be able to write a proper blog post or film the video I wanted to do today.

I would also like to say that in the Vlogtober post for today I tell you the videos coming today and tomorrow. They will be much later I'm afraid. I try my best to ensure I post on time but today is just not going to work. I will still be doing the videos they will just be late. Probably posted tomorrow (Sunday) evening.

Easiest smokey eye: one eye shadow smokey eye

Easy smokey eyes
So I've been asked by a couple of followers to do a make-up tutorial. Ask and ye shall receive!! This week I'm showing you how to do an insanely easy smokey eye!

Everyone likes smokey eyes. It is a beautiful look. But sometimes people can find it difficult to not look like a panda! Not that looking like a panda is a bad thing, pandas are cute. But not the best make-up look! So I'm going to give you step by step instructions on how to achieve a really subtle smokey eye effect that only involves one colour!! You only need one eye shadow and in any colour! I know, its brilliant!

October challenges and the blogs new look

My new logo!!
I know it is not Saturday yet but I'm going to be starting some new challenges in October and as it is the 1st of October today I thought I better let you guys know now!!

So first of all I would just like to say a huge thank you to all of my followers and subscribers! I reached my goal of 100 subscribers on YouTube and I have more followers than I ever expected on all my social media! THANK YOU SO MUCH MY LOVELY LITTLE LIFE HACKERS!!! I am utterly astonished that you all want to hear what I have to say and I feel I have finally found my calling! All thanks to you beautiful people!

Linkys dream subscription box

Well, as you all know I love stationery and crafts, and planners, and Filofax, and the list goes on!! So I found a subscription box that does all of that! If you don't know; a subscription box is where you subscribe, like you would with a magazine, and the company you have subscribed to will send you a package of a random selection of goodies!! I found Linkys dream when I was browsing through Pinerest at planning and stationery stuff. So I bought one box just to see what all the fuss was about. I also watched a few unboxings on YouTube.WOW! I can not believe how awesome this little box is! I have done so much research and watched other people unbox theirs but it was so much better than what I thought it was going to be!! I am a sucker for Christmas and this was like Christmas!! So in this blog post I'm going to go through what I got in my box but you can also check out the video below:

How to fix your wrongly punched or over-punched Filofax pages

Finished product!
This weeks blog post and video is a quick one as I have been very busy with my best friend who is expecting her first baby beginning of next month. I have been planning her baby shower which will be this time next week and I also did a maternity photo shoot with her and her fiancé with my Canon T3i. I'm looking into doing some videos on photography, as I am a complete novice, and party planning, which I'm not so much of a novice!

When I started making my own Filofax pages there was a lot of trial and error. I kept making mistakes either choosing a format that didn't work, printing them wrong, cutting them out wrong or punching in the wrong place. It took me a long time to work out what worked and unfortunately whenever you do start making your own Filofax pages you will find the same. But I have found a solution to the last problem you may have, when you punch the pages in the wrong place or you over punch.

Filofax tour part 2: Stationery and craft supplies

In my craft room/office in my tiny cottage there is A LOT of craft supplies and stationery. So when I was setting up my Filofax I decided the best thing to do would be to separate the stationery and craft supplies that I wanted to use for my Filofax. I tried a few systems but using a Martha Stewart desk organiser won in the end.

The organiser is available at Staples and you buy it in separate pieces so you can customise it to your needs. It is very useful for any office organising task and perfect for all the bits and bobs that do not have homes yet. But I love using it for organising my Filofax stationery and craft supplies to decorate and organise my Filofax. I can not believe how perfectly everything fits!

My Filofax: How I organise my time

I apologise that there was no blog post last week. I forgot to say that I had exams last week that sucked my time! But this week I'm back with a post and video about my Filofax!!

When I came back into blogging I mentioned I had just started using a Filofax to keep me organised. I suck at time management! Its not so much that I procrastinate, I just get distracted very easily. Due to my Dyspraxia I find it so hard to concentrate on something that NEEDS doing. I feel like there are three levels to tasks they are either: things that you really want to do, things that are necessary but not compulsory and then the things that you NEED to do.

Food friday! Simple recipes and cooking hacks.

So some of my followers on Facebook have asked me to do some cooking tutorials of some simple recipes. Ask and you shall receive!!

What I thought I would do though is to combine something I've seen before on YouTube with some cooking hacks in the style of a cooking tutorial. I've seen some YouTubers do a 'What I ate' sort of video where they will talk about the things they have eaten today. Well we never see them cook it so I thought I would show you what I ate today and how I have made it PLUS I give you some real cool cooking hacks to make things easier in the kitchen. So lets get cookin'!

I've grown up with dogs, so I know everything!

Photo by Lawrence Chiles
There have been a few times in my life where I have spoken out about dog training to others, sometimes I've regretted it, sometimes I have not. I have found though that most people don't like to be given advice, even if it is in the best interest of their beloved pet.

When my mum got her gorgeous dog Pippa I was away with a friend. She phoned me while I was on holiday in Italy to tell me she was freaking out because she has made an impulse decision and bought a puppy. There wasn't much I could do in Italy, except ask my friend who had grown up with dogs for advice. Which was very good advice. I have had the privilege of being friends with people who have grown up with dogs and had dogs while I could not have a dog. I have cherished every piece of knowledge they have given me. I have learnt so much watching and listening to them interacting with their dogs. When I got home from Italy I helped my mum with everything from toilet training to behaviour management. I got some things right and some things terribly wrong. I watched television programmes to show you how to 'train' your dog. I thought I knew it all. I was extremely, very, very wrong.

Training aids, are they necessary?

Photo by Ellen Levy Finch 
There are many training aids out there. Some very good and necessary and some cruel and unnecessary. There are training techniques and training aids, training technique is something that you are doing with your body language, your voice or with hand signals and a training aid is a physical object that helps you train your dog. This post is about my opinions and advice on using training aids.

Some training aids are widely available and are used by many dog owners as well as professionals. However just because these training aids are used by professionals or a lot of dog owners does not mean they are the best for your dogs behaviour or health. There are six main topics I will be discussing: Muzzles and collars, Clicker and whistles, anti-bark aids, chewing solutions, toilet training aids, and other training aids.

Getting rescue dogs

Drawing by baad-Artist on deviantART
Getting a rescue dog is an extremely rewarding process. I have not done it, yet, but I admire and respect anyone who does this. I compare this to adopting someone else's child, just like if you were getting a puppy it would be like adopting a baby, this time you are adopting and older child!!

Getting a rescue dog is amazing because you are offering a dog, that would seemingly have no future, a future. There are several things that need to be taken into consideration. Including all the things you have to think about in my previous posts, about breeding, about where you are getting the dog from etc. with rescue dogs there is a little more to it then just selecting the dog you like the look of.

I have my puppy, now what?

Photo by Buzzfarmers
So in last weeks post I talked about what to do just before your new puppy or rescue dog came home. In this post I will be exclusively talking about puppies rather than rescue dogs, whereas last weeks post applied to both. Next weeks post will be talking exclusively about rescue dogs.

Car journey

So todays the day!! You are about to pick up your puppy! Lets get the car ready first. You will need two of you to pick up the puppy, one driving and one in the back with the new baby. You will need some towels, a couple of puppy pads, some water in a bowl or dog travel water dispenser. If you are travelling far you will also need some of the puppy's food and chews or toys to keep them occupied. If you are travelling a short distance then ask the breeder or shelter to not feed the puppy before you collect him/her. This is because most puppies will get travel sick on their first car journey.

I'm getting a new puppy, what do I need?

Photo by Mustardofdoom
If you have just put down a deposit on a puppy or just filled out the forms to adopt a rescue dog then congratulations. You have just purchased or adopted a baby! People will tell you its not the same but it is! You now have something that depends on you whole heartedly.

Now, before that puppy or dog sets a paw in your house you need to acquire some essentials! So here is a list of all the items I have found from experience to be everything you need when you get a new dog.

Something a little different

Photo by DodosD
Sorry there will be no doggie related post this week! This is for two reasons:

1. I have been hard at work setting up my Youtube channel which is now up and running! You can check out my very first video down below. It is an introduction of me and my new channel, explaining who I am and what I will be doing.

Photo from Laula's blog
2. A friend of mine wrote an amazing post on her blog about breast feeding in public and she gave me permission to share it. Although I do not have children, I agree with everything she says in this post. She is a very good writer and her blog is definitely one to check out. Here is the link: I fully support breastfeeding but...

Please do check out her other posts too, if you like art (her drawings are amazing. I gave my brother two of her prints as a gift) and book reviews then definitely check out her blog, Words and pictures of Laula Hole. 

Dog training a controversial subject

Photo by Danihee.
This blog post is a tricky subject to talk about but one that I am passionate about! You may agree or disagree with me but that does not matter. I would hope you keep an open mind when reading this.

So in my last blog post I wrote about how before you even think about getting a puppy you have to think about 8 things. One of those things was how you will be training this puppy. When my mum got her dog, Pippa, I had a few years of experience with dogs so I automatically assumed I knew how to train her, this was a big mistake! I had been watching programmes that showed you how to be "dominant" over your dog and I had witnessed people smacking their dog when it was misbehaving. This is wrong. In the back of my mind when ever I would pin my mums dog down, lock her away, yell at her, smack her, or stare at her I would think to myself: "I wish there was another way to do this without upsetting her."

8 easy steps to getting a puppy.

Photo by Gary Story
This is the first in a series of blog posts about puppies and dog training. This post is about whether getting a puppy is a good idea for your situation. For anyone who is thinking about getting a puppy, this is for you. I'll be doing a post about getting a rescue dog or older dog and making the transition to having a puppy or dog in the house in the near future. 
Deciding to get a puppy is a special time. They are cute, cuddly and are just like babies. But there are a ton of things to think about. So here is my step by step guide on deciding whether getting a puppy is a good idea. 

Step 1: How much time do you have to spend with the baby?

Getting a puppy takes up a lot of time. For the first 4 months in having the puppy you need to be spending almost 24/7 with that puppy. People are always surprised to hear that and are confused. But think about it, your puppy is only 2 months old. Would you leave a human baby if it were 2 months old? Getting a puppy is like adopting a toddler. You can't just get this very cute creature and expect it to look after itself. It's just wrong! You also need to spend a lot of time training the puppy to ensure it 1) has good manners and 2) it is confident to be left alone and with new things. Which leads me on to step 2.
My cat Monty and my puppy Daisy in a very rare moment
of calmness between them!

Step 2: Environment

Your situation right now is very important. Where you live and what you have is very important to that puppy. For example if you live in a tiny house or little flat then don't get a Great Dane! If you live in a busy city with nowhere to walk an energetic dog then don't get a collie or a spaniel! Its about choosing the right dog to suit your environment. I'm trying not to use my dog as an example too much but I specifically chose my dog for my situation. I live in a small cottage with two tiny gardens but I do live very close to a dog walking park. Now when I say close, I mean it is across the street. I wanted a small dog but my husband hates tiny dogs so we went in the middle. I wanted a dog that wouldn't shed its fur everywhere as we already have a black cat that likes to do that!! I chose my dog to suit my needs.

Step 3: Training technique.

People never think about this step! They just think about what their dog will look like and just assume their dog will be the most well mannered dog ever and that they will automatically learn things. WRONG!!! I have never met a dog that learned how to do anything without guidance! It takes time and a lot of patience to create a relationship with your dog so that it behaves well for you. Before I got my puppy Daisy I did A LOT of research. I came across a training method called progressive reinforcement. Its a training technique that does not use punishment or intimidation. When I helped train my mums dog before I found this new technique I found her dog would misbehave and I would have no idea why. She would frustrate me and I labelled her 'Stubborn'. But when I discovered this technique she started to show me she wanted to learn and that my perception of her was completely wrong. When I finally got my puppy I was amazed! She learnt how to sit in one day, she was so well behaved all the time, she learnt tricks in minutes and we are very close.

What really changed for me was when I realised the whole basis of our relationship is that she can work out what I'm asking her to do without me saying or doing anything. Whenever anyone gets a puppy my one piece of advice is "Let them work out what you want them to do." An example of this is that when I get home from University Daisy goes absolutely mad! She is barking at me, jumping up, whining and trying to lick me to death. So what I do is walk straight past her into the kitchen, where I close the door. She still sees me through the glass and she is still misbehaving. I wait and wait, until you can see a little light bulb in her head goes on and she backs away from the door, she sits down and silently waits. I open the door, and if she gets up I close the door again but we have gotten past that stage now, I go down to her level and give her a scratch on the head to say hello. I let her work out what I wanted her to do and she did! Before you even think about what breed you will get or what you will name your puppy, think about what training technique you will use. Its very important and please check out progressive reinforcement its literally a life saver!!

Step 4: Figure out what is desirable and undesirable behaviour.

Photo by
If you do go with Progressive reinforcement then you will learn from the programme that before getting a puppy you need to figure out what you think a dog should do and what it definitely should not do. Now even if you don't go with this programme I still think it is one of the most important things to think about. This is especially true if there is more than one person in the family so that everyone knows what is right and what is wrong when it comes to the behaviour of the puppy. For example Peeing in the house right or wrong? Chewing the furniture right or wrong? This ones a hard one: Sitting on the sofa right or wrong? Now I think that at least 50% of dog behaviour problems is due to inconsistency. It literally only takes one time for a dog to think its an ok thing to do and it becomes engrained in them. It is unfair on the dog for one person in the family to think its ok for puppy to climb on the sofa and the rest of the household yelling at puppy when they do it. An example of this is when one person feeds the dog from their plate and for the rest of its life it will think that people will feed it from their plates. Uh oh! You then have a dog that will beg from peoples plates for the rest of its life. The dog then gets yelled at for the rest of its life because it is staring at you while you eat. What do you expect?! It is engrained in the dogs mind that: Human with plate = tasty snack for me!! Not rocket science.

Think about what is right and what is wrong WAY before you get the dog and stay consistent. Make a list and let everyone see it that way there are no cross wires! Also another piece of advice that saved me a lot of time and energy is to reward the dog when it is doing something you want it to do more often. If its quietly chewing its toy at your feet make sure you give a pat on the head and say good dog or give it a treat. Basically whenever your dog is doing something right reward it.

Photo by Patrick Berry
Step 5: One of the things you have been looking forward to is not as simple as you might think. AKA Choosing a breed.

Choosing a breed is exciting for most people. They want to choose a dog that's the cutest or the toughest looking breed. No. Just stop it. If you choose a breed based on its looks then you are in for a world of trouble. Certain breeds have certain 'traits' that need to be taken into account way before you get your dog. A good example of this is the Staffie. Lots of people want to get the Staffie because it looks and sounds tough. Yes but they can be a hand full. They have what is known as a 'hard jaw' which means that 1) They LOVE to chew and 2) if they have something in their mouth that they don't want you to have good luck in trying to remove it. This needs to be taken into consideration when buying a Staffie. If you can't stand the thought of coming home to find your entire house destroyed forget the word Staffie now, if you don't have the time or the energy to train a dog not to chew and to drop on command, forget getting a Staffie. Its not fair on the dog if its constantly being yelled at. If you have got the time and patience to do this then please get a Staffie they are gorgeous dogs!

Another example is anything that has the word Spaniel or Collie in it e.g. Border collie, Cocker spaniel etc. These are the most highly strung dogs, meaning they will never, ever run out of energy. They are constantly on the go and some are highly intelligent and will find a way of annoying you if you don't pay them enough attention. These types of dogs should never really be left alone. They are too intelligent and full of energy that they will destroy your house and work out a way to escape whatever enclosure you have them in. They need more exercise than any other dog, I actually read somewhere that Collie and Spaniels need at least 4 walks a day. That's a crazy amount of time to be spending walking your dog, if you have that time to spare get a Collie or a Spaniel!! If not, forget about it! Mixed breeds are very good as you can pick up traits from the different breeds, but you need to know all the traits of the different breeds before getting the dog and ensure that however the dog behaves you are comfortable.

Step 6: Are you in for the long haul?

Dogs tend to live up to 10-15 years. I'm not joking. Are you able to commit 10-15 years of your life to a dog? If the answer is no than don't bother. Are you willing to spend lots of money ensuring that even in old age your dog stays healthy? If the answer is no than don't bother. I am tired of people getting a dog then as soon as things start getting difficult its "Does anyone want this dog?". I also can't stand the people who ask the vet to put their dog down for stupid reasons. Dogs are not second class to us, they are not just animals, they are creatures with feelings, that need to be treated with care and respect. If you can't provide that then don't get a dog. Simple.

Step 7: Where did the puppy come from?

This seems like a silly thing to think about but its not. Knowing exactly what establishment your puppy came from is important. Getting a puppy isn't just a case of looking on the internet for a dog breeder. Its researching to make sure they are 1) a legitimate breeder so make sure you have met the puppies before handing over any money 2) That they are not a puppy mill. These puppy mills disgust me they don't care about the wellbeing of any of the dogs and they only care about making money. 3) That they care about the animals and keep them healthy. Ask to visit the establishment before hand to see where the puppy came from. Ask lots of questions. How many litters have you sold? How many litters has this mother had and how many pregnancies? (doesn't sound like it but these are two completely different questions. The second question is basically asking if the mother has had any phantom pregnancies, miscarriages or still births.) What is the temperament of mum and dad? Where do you keep the puppies and parents? What do you feed them? Where did the parents come from? Research, research, research is the key!

Step 8: What you have been waiting for!!

This is Daisy the first day I got her. She was 8 weeks old.
Now you can start thinking about names. I had a list of about 20 different names but Daisy could only be called one name. I didn't actually name her until I had her for a day.

In conclusion, if you didn't feel like these steps were where you are then its best not for you to get a dog until you are ready. Dogs are like babies you need to take care of them properly. Having a dog is rewarding experience and should be taken seriously. Remember that a dog never forgets what you did to them and they only live for a short period of your life so take care of your dog and treasure each moment with him or her.

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Why I've been away

Photo by Firesam on flickr.

So...this is awkward. Hi again!

I have been neglecting my blog and I promised myself I wouldn't do that!! But I have my reasons and I'm back to continue the party! First of all I got a little bit of negative feedback for my first proper blog post and it knocked my confidence for six. I then grow a backbone so now I'm fine. If someone says something negative now I'm more likely to laugh then cry! Secondly I started blogging at a really awkward time in my life. It was the new year and as most students know that's when the exams really start going so I got busy! Then when all my exams finished I was still quite low over this negative feedback I got. Then for my birthday I got a puppy from my mum and dad. She is called Daisy and she is amazing! Never met such a pure soul in all my life (more on her later!), so she took up a lot of my time with training etc. As you know from my blog post a year ago I suffer from Dyspraxia which affects most of my day to day activities. It affects my confidence but what really did a number on this blog was time management I would plan to sit down and write a post then something would get in the way or I simply didn't have the time. This is my creative outlet and my hobby and because I didn't manage my time properly I got stressed which leads me to the next reason I haven't been blogging. In September I had to go back to University and this year has been HELL!! But I'm over it. This year has been one crazy ride and I've come out the other end stronger and more willing. I've realised that the most important thing is that I take care of myself. I only have one body and I need to take care of it.

New year...time to hack life!

Picture from Joepopp
Happy new year everyone! 2013 is behind us and 2014 is ahead. What have been your new years resolutions? To be more organised? To work harder? To lose weight? What about...To make life easier? I have a skill I have learnt from various places called Life hacking. I like to hack everything!! Now, hacking isn't what you think it is. You imagine this geeky criminal hacking into the MI6 database or something. Well that's not what I'm talking about. There are four different definitions of the word "Hack":
1) To cut with rough or heavy blows.
2) To gain unauthorised access to data in a system or computer.
3) To manage or cope.
4) To cough persistently.
Life hacking relates to three out of the four definitions. Life hacking is the ability to take short cuts to promote productivity and to avoid stress. Its tricking the system, its bending things in a new direction to get it to work for you, its getting the job done in half the time and its relieving the stress you feel when you have to do something. So in relation to these four definitions; when you life hack you are cutting but in a slightly different way, you are taking short cuts! You are gaining unauthorised access because you are using a secret way of getting around doing it the old fashioned way. Finally you are managing and coping when you hack because it takes less time and energy therefore you feel better. When you start hacking life you feel more fulfilled because you are doing more but with using less energy. Finding an easier way of doing things always makes me feel good anyway!

So where did this Life hacking for me begin? Well its always been there. I have a special need called Dyspraxia, which essentially means I struggle with everyday life. Even simple things like walking and talking is difficult for me. So from and early age I have been in pursuit of an easier life. A life where I am not stressed over things, a life where Dyspraxia doesn't get in my way and a life where I am happier because I feel more productive. Life hacking has become popular recently because of our busy lives. People want to see results in half the time, people want things done NOW!! Because of this people are after easy alternatives to what they are doing now. This is where I come in. I will be posting monthly a new life hack to make your life easier. It will be something that I have learnt to make things go faster and smoother.

Picture by Bret Simmons
I came across a video on YouTube by accident and its a TED talk by Logan LaPlante. He talks about a concept called 'Hackschooling' where he has a choice in his education and it is based on life in general rather than based on preparation for working life. It is a brilliant concept and he explains what a Life hacker is really well.

So in conclusion, I will be blogging about every secret I know on how I've made my life easier. These will be on anything from Cooking and cleaning to teaching and puppy training!! I am passionate about making other peoples life easier and I want to share that passion with everyone. Albert Einstein said "The measure of intelligence is the ability to adapt." Life hacking is learning to adapt to make things easier. So in 2014 its time to adapt, its time to make life easier.

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