New year...time to hack life!

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Happy new year everyone! 2013 is behind us and 2014 is ahead. What have been your new years resolutions? To be more organised? To work harder? To lose weight? What about...To make life easier? I have a skill I have learnt from various places called Life hacking. I like to hack everything!! Now, hacking isn't what you think it is. You imagine this geeky criminal hacking into the MI6 database or something. Well that's not what I'm talking about. There are four different definitions of the word "Hack":
1) To cut with rough or heavy blows.
2) To gain unauthorised access to data in a system or computer.
3) To manage or cope.
4) To cough persistently.
Life hacking relates to three out of the four definitions. Life hacking is the ability to take short cuts to promote productivity and to avoid stress. Its tricking the system, its bending things in a new direction to get it to work for you, its getting the job done in half the time and its relieving the stress you feel when you have to do something. So in relation to these four definitions; when you life hack you are cutting but in a slightly different way, you are taking short cuts! You are gaining unauthorised access because you are using a secret way of getting around doing it the old fashioned way. Finally you are managing and coping when you hack because it takes less time and energy therefore you feel better. When you start hacking life you feel more fulfilled because you are doing more but with using less energy. Finding an easier way of doing things always makes me feel good anyway!

So where did this Life hacking for me begin? Well its always been there. I have a special need called Dyspraxia, which essentially means I struggle with everyday life. Even simple things like walking and talking is difficult for me. So from and early age I have been in pursuit of an easier life. A life where I am not stressed over things, a life where Dyspraxia doesn't get in my way and a life where I am happier because I feel more productive. Life hacking has become popular recently because of our busy lives. People want to see results in half the time, people want things done NOW!! Because of this people are after easy alternatives to what they are doing now. This is where I come in. I will be posting monthly a new life hack to make your life easier. It will be something that I have learnt to make things go faster and smoother.

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I came across a video on YouTube by accident and its a TED talk by Logan LaPlante. He talks about a concept called 'Hackschooling' where he has a choice in his education and it is based on life in general rather than based on preparation for working life. It is a brilliant concept and he explains what a Life hacker is really well.

So in conclusion, I will be blogging about every secret I know on how I've made my life easier. These will be on anything from Cooking and cleaning to teaching and puppy training!! I am passionate about making other peoples life easier and I want to share that passion with everyone. Albert Einstein said "The measure of intelligence is the ability to adapt." Life hacking is learning to adapt to make things easier. So in 2014 its time to adapt, its time to make life easier.

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