I have my puppy, now what?

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So in last weeks post I talked about what to do just before your new puppy or rescue dog came home. In this post I will be exclusively talking about puppies rather than rescue dogs, whereas last weeks post applied to both. Next weeks post will be talking exclusively about rescue dogs.

Car journey

So todays the day!! You are about to pick up your puppy! Lets get the car ready first. You will need two of you to pick up the puppy, one driving and one in the back with the new baby. You will need some towels, a couple of puppy pads, some water in a bowl or dog travel water dispenser. If you are travelling far you will also need some of the puppy's food and chews or toys to keep them occupied. If you are travelling a short distance then ask the breeder or shelter to not feed the puppy before you collect him/her. This is because most puppies will get travel sick on their first car journey.

I'm getting a new puppy, what do I need?

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If you have just put down a deposit on a puppy or just filled out the forms to adopt a rescue dog then congratulations. You have just purchased or adopted a baby! People will tell you its not the same but it is! You now have something that depends on you whole heartedly.

Now, before that puppy or dog sets a paw in your house you need to acquire some essentials! So here is a list of all the items I have found from experience to be everything you need when you get a new dog.

Something a little different

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Sorry there will be no doggie related post this week! This is for two reasons:

1. I have been hard at work setting up my Youtube channel which is now up and running! You can check out my very first video down below. It is an introduction of me and my new channel, explaining who I am and what I will be doing.

Photo from Laula's blog
2. A friend of mine wrote an amazing post on her blog about breast feeding in public and she gave me permission to share it. Although I do not have children, I agree with everything she says in this post. She is a very good writer and her blog is definitely one to check out. Here is the link: I fully support breastfeeding but...

Please do check out her other posts too, if you like art (her drawings are amazing. I gave my brother two of her prints as a gift) and book reviews then definitely check out her blog, Words and pictures of Laula Hole. 

Dog training a controversial subject

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This blog post is a tricky subject to talk about but one that I am passionate about! You may agree or disagree with me but that does not matter. I would hope you keep an open mind when reading this.

So in my last blog post I wrote about how before you even think about getting a puppy you have to think about 8 things. One of those things was how you will be training this puppy. When my mum got her dog, Pippa, I had a few years of experience with dogs so I automatically assumed I knew how to train her, this was a big mistake! I had been watching programmes that showed you how to be "dominant" over your dog and I had witnessed people smacking their dog when it was misbehaving. This is wrong. In the back of my mind when ever I would pin my mums dog down, lock her away, yell at her, smack her, or stare at her I would think to myself: "I wish there was another way to do this without upsetting her."