Food friday! Simple recipes and cooking hacks.

So some of my followers on Facebook have asked me to do some cooking tutorials of some simple recipes. Ask and you shall receive!!

What I thought I would do though is to combine something I've seen before on YouTube with some cooking hacks in the style of a cooking tutorial. I've seen some YouTubers do a 'What I ate' sort of video where they will talk about the things they have eaten today. Well we never see them cook it so I thought I would show you what I ate today and how I have made it PLUS I give you some real cool cooking hacks to make things easier in the kitchen. So lets get cookin'!

I've grown up with dogs, so I know everything!

Photo by Lawrence Chiles
There have been a few times in my life where I have spoken out about dog training to others, sometimes I've regretted it, sometimes I have not. I have found though that most people don't like to be given advice, even if it is in the best interest of their beloved pet.

When my mum got her gorgeous dog Pippa I was away with a friend. She phoned me while I was on holiday in Italy to tell me she was freaking out because she has made an impulse decision and bought a puppy. There wasn't much I could do in Italy, except ask my friend who had grown up with dogs for advice. Which was very good advice. I have had the privilege of being friends with people who have grown up with dogs and had dogs while I could not have a dog. I have cherished every piece of knowledge they have given me. I have learnt so much watching and listening to them interacting with their dogs. When I got home from Italy I helped my mum with everything from toilet training to behaviour management. I got some things right and some things terribly wrong. I watched television programmes to show you how to 'train' your dog. I thought I knew it all. I was extremely, very, very wrong.

Training aids, are they necessary?

Photo by Ellen Levy Finch 
There are many training aids out there. Some very good and necessary and some cruel and unnecessary. There are training techniques and training aids, training technique is something that you are doing with your body language, your voice or with hand signals and a training aid is a physical object that helps you train your dog. This post is about my opinions and advice on using training aids.

Some training aids are widely available and are used by many dog owners as well as professionals. However just because these training aids are used by professionals or a lot of dog owners does not mean they are the best for your dogs behaviour or health. There are six main topics I will be discussing: Muzzles and collars, Clicker and whistles, anti-bark aids, chewing solutions, toilet training aids, and other training aids.

Getting rescue dogs

Drawing by baad-Artist on deviantART
Getting a rescue dog is an extremely rewarding process. I have not done it, yet, but I admire and respect anyone who does this. I compare this to adopting someone else's child, just like if you were getting a puppy it would be like adopting a baby, this time you are adopting and older child!!

Getting a rescue dog is amazing because you are offering a dog, that would seemingly have no future, a future. There are several things that need to be taken into consideration. Including all the things you have to think about in my previous posts, about breeding, about where you are getting the dog from etc. with rescue dogs there is a little more to it then just selecting the dog you like the look of.