Filofax tour part 2: Stationery and craft supplies

In my craft room/office in my tiny cottage there is A LOT of craft supplies and stationery. So when I was setting up my Filofax I decided the best thing to do would be to separate the stationery and craft supplies that I wanted to use for my Filofax. I tried a few systems but using a Martha Stewart desk organiser won in the end.

The organiser is available at Staples and you buy it in separate pieces so you can customise it to your needs. It is very useful for any office organising task and perfect for all the bits and bobs that do not have homes yet. But I love using it for organising my Filofax stationery and craft supplies to decorate and organise my Filofax. I can not believe how perfectly everything fits!

Bottom of the organiser with
scrapbooking paper and the
drawer underneath.

So on the bottom is an in-tray with a drawer. On top of the drawer is my scrapbook paper that is A4 size or just quite big! I had to cut down some of my scrapbooking paper as some were A3. Then inside of the drawer I divided it into sections using cardboard boxes. Some of them I absentmindedly made so they look a little rubbish but the first box that you see when you open the drawer is from an Easter craft. I bought some Easter craft supplies and the box they came in was divided into sections and it was quite pretty so I used that. In this box I have my tip-ex mouse, some pretty pegs, all my ink pads for stamping and some stamps. Next to that box I crudely made a decorative box that holds my hole punch for when I make my Filofax pages and behind that is some decorative post-its and a box of binder clips.

Above the first in-tray is another in-tray but this one doesn't have a drawer. This one has my smaller bits of scrapbooking paper, like a booklet and some bits left over from previous projects. This also has some stickers and labels on it. There is a little tin right in the back of some stickers and labels that are too small to go with the rest of them and there is also a box of Cath Kidston stickers and labels, which I love so much!!

Middle of my organiser. Love my
washi tapes!
Moving to the top of the organiser, there is a small organiser just FULL of washi tapes!! If you are a crafty person like me and you haven't discovered washi tapes, you need to get some! Seriously they are the easiest way to decorate something without much effort. You just use it like masking tape! So easy and you can get some really pretty ones! I have 21 washi tapes altogether and I would get more but I don't have anymore room for more!! I'm looking into finding somewhere else for them to go so I can have 21 washi tapes for my Filofax and then have more for other projects!

Then the last part of the organiser is a piece that has separate compartments. At the front is a small compartment where I keep the stamps I use most often, like the ones I showed last week that had dates on them. Then the compartment, which is a bigger one next to the small one, has the stickers I like to use in my Filofax (they are just a small collection compared to my entire collection of stickers I have which is elsewhere in my craft room!), it has a pack of journalling cards, some decorative page flags and post-its, more glue dots in sheets and in a roll and finally it has a tin that contains two punches that are different styles of bunting. I love, love, love bunting so I had to get these punches! You can also see in the pictures that I also have some bunting washi tape!!
Top of the organiser.

The compartment behind these two compartments is a long one that goes across the organiser. In this compartment I have a tin that was a mini sewing kit my sister-in-law got for me for Christmas (I love re-using things!!) and in it I have all the extra supplies, things that didn't really have a home in the organiser and things that I made a mistake on but I didn't want to throw it away because I could probably use it elsewhere. Then on the other side of this compartment I have a pencil pot with craft supplies and stationary that I use often and that are not all Filofax related. For example I have my decoupage brushes, pens, scissors, a nail file, my prodder for doing rag rugging, my scrapper for doing foil art, pencils etc. This pencil pot is right next to where I work so this is where I put all my tools of the trade that I need to use often.

So, that is my Filofax organiser! If you would like links to the products I have used check out the YouTube video below. But here is the organiser in full next to my beautifully organised and decorated Filofax:

Check out this video for a full tour and more explanation of each part of my organiser:

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