How to fix your wrongly punched or over-punched Filofax pages

Finished product!
This weeks blog post and video is a quick one as I have been very busy with my best friend who is expecting her first baby beginning of next month. I have been planning her baby shower which will be this time next week and I also did a maternity photo shoot with her and her fiancé with my Canon T3i. I'm looking into doing some videos on photography, as I am a complete novice, and party planning, which I'm not so much of a novice!

When I started making my own Filofax pages there was a lot of trial and error. I kept making mistakes either choosing a format that didn't work, printing them wrong, cutting them out wrong or punching in the wrong place. It took me a long time to work out what worked and unfortunately whenever you do start making your own Filofax pages you will find the same. But I have found a solution to the last problem you may have, when you punch the pages in the wrong place or you over punch.

My diary hole punch bought on Amazon.

First of all I have been asked by some of my viewers/followers what punch I use for my Filofax pages. I use a Rapesco diary punch which can be found HERE. Its a hole punch that is designed to fit several brands of diary and it does this is two sizes. The larger size is personal, which is the size of my Filofax, and the smaller size is mini. The spikes that come down to punch the holes out of the paper can be moved so if you have both a personal sized diary and a mini sized diary you can use it for both.

So when I was making my Filofax pages I would print them out and they would (FINALLY!!!) come out ok, then I would cut them with my paper trimmer and then I would punch them and I would punch them too high or too low!! Annoying! I would then try to correct my mistake by punching again but in the right place and found I just made it worse! I'm sure some of you feel my pain when you have spent a long time making something beautiful and ruin it at the last hurdle!

So how do I fix this problem? Well at first I was like 'Thats it! It's ruined! I'll use it for scrap paper.' but then I looked over at my Filofax station (Video here!) and saw all my beautiful Washi tapes. I thought what if I could use Washi tape to cover the holes I've just made and punch in the right place over the Washi tape. Hallelujah! It worked! Check out the video below on how I did this:

Remember don't waste, reuse. I hope this post was helpful to you and it fixed a problem for you. If you liked this post than follow me on all my social media and this blog.

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