My Filofax: How I organise my time

I apologise that there was no blog post last week. I forgot to say that I had exams last week that sucked my time! But this week I'm back with a post and video about my Filofax!!

When I came back into blogging I mentioned I had just started using a Filofax to keep me organised. I suck at time management! Its not so much that I procrastinate, I just get distracted very easily. Due to my Dyspraxia I find it so hard to concentrate on something that NEEDS doing. I feel like there are three levels to tasks they are either: things that you really want to do, things that are necessary but not compulsory and then the things that you NEED to do.

So with things that you really want to do its pretty obvious what that is. You have a choice between doing the laundry or watching T.V which one would you pick if you had the choice? Me too!! Then you have the tasks that are necessary but not compulsory, these are things like the daily chores. If you miss one day of doing the dishes it isn't going to hurt but it will get on top of you and then become something that you NEED to do. Then the tasks that you NEED to do are tasks that have a time constraint. For example a piece of coursework due in, you have to do that work before the deadline otherwise there will be big trouble!

So once I got this into my head it got a little easier to organise my time. Before I start a task now I ask myself three questions: Does this have to be done by a particular time? Will there be any consequences if I do not do this task right now? Are there any other tasks that are more important than this one? The problem I have found is that instead of doing the tasks that have a time constraint, or doing tasks that have consequences attached to them, I was pre-occupying my self with tasks that were not as important and that could have been done at a later stage. I needed to find something to help me prioritise and map out my days, weeks, months and even years so I could be more productive.

I found the magic of Filofax!! This baby travels with me wherever I go and I so needed it!! So in this weeks video I am doing a tour of my Filofax. All products I've used are in the description box in the video. Enjoy!!

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