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Well, as you all know I love stationery and crafts, and planners, and Filofax, and the list goes on!! So I found a subscription box that does all of that! If you don't know; a subscription box is where you subscribe, like you would with a magazine, and the company you have subscribed to will send you a package of a random selection of goodies!! I found Linkys dream when I was browsing through Pinerest at planning and stationery stuff. So I bought one box just to see what all the fuss was about. I also watched a few unboxings on YouTube.WOW! I can not believe how awesome this little box is! I have done so much research and watched other people unbox theirs but it was so much better than what I thought it was going to be!! I am a sucker for Christmas and this was like Christmas!! So in this blog post I'm going to go through what I got in my box but you can also check out the video below:

The box is delivered to your door and its wrapped in bubble wrap to keep it safe!! The box is a cardboard box that has a beautiful blue ribbon wrapped around with a butterfly on it. It is sealed with washi tape. When I got into the box there was a post card with Linkys dream details on it and a thank you note. The contents were wrapped in tissue paper.

My faerie wand, an envelope
with my name on it,
Filofax supplies,
two notebooks and a pen
and pencil.
I got a star wand (I am not kidding!! A sparkly star shaped wand with ribbons. It was like she read my mind! I've always wanted to be a faerie princess!). There was an envelope that contained lots of little things, check out the video for a detailed description. I got two note books, one in the shape of a hot air balloon. Some Filofax supplies including a dash board with my name on it, a book mark with "Girls just wanna have fun" on it and some Filofax note paper that says "Life is beautiful, enjoy the ride". I also got a pencil and a gorgeous pen!

Journalling cards, stickers,
post cards and a mountain of
scrapbooking supplies!!
Journalling cards: Pink one that says "You should always feel pretty",  a luggage tag one, a Hello Kitty one and some flower shaped ones that say "I heart you". I also got some stickers: Owl and moon, smiley faces, a big sun one and some animal ones. I got two vintage inspired post cards and LOADS of scrapbooking bits and bobs! Some were vintage inspired some were forever friends ones. There are too many to mention but watch the video if you are really interested!

Two washi tapes, two corrector pens,
sticker tape, magnetic book mark,
a rubber, two paper clips, a binder
clip and a pencil sharpener.
Then finally I got two washi tapes: one I already had but can you really have too many washi tapes?! I also go a one with fruit on it and the one I already had was a cream and blue one with flowers. I also got some corrector pens! I haven't seen these in years. I used to have them at school, you use the white site to erase a mistake then the blue side to go over the mistake. I also go some sticker tape, unsure if it is similar to washi tape. I got a magnetic book mark which I have been dying to get one, it seems like very one in the planner community has one but me! A rubber (or to my American friends 'Eraser'!) in the shape of a horse. Two paper clips one with a pick mermaid on it and one in the shape of an apple. A blue binder clip with flowers on it and finally a blue pencil sharpener in the shape of a heart.

I also forgot to take a photo of the book with all the post its and page flags in it. I got so excited I received it that I put it with all my other post its and page flags!!

Phew! I think that is everything. I hope I haven't missed anything out. I hope you enjoyed this blog post if you did than subscribe, follow, like and all that good stuff!!

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