My lifestyle revolution 1 week update #AHLlifestylerevolution

This is my first update in my lifestyle revolution. I am happy with some things but not so much with others. I'm splitting this discussion into health, organisation and happiness.


First of all my with health I've been doing my Juice plus trial. I have a Juice plus vanilla shake in the morning, which is delicious by the way and my rep said I can add something to it to make it taste better but I love the taste! I also have two vineyard blend capsules, both the capsules and shake with my breakfast in the morning. I think I'm doing well with eating the right food but I am still struggling with eating enough and eating at the right time. But me and my lovely Juice plus rep are working on that!

10 Steps for a lifestyle change #AHLlifestylerevolution part 2

So yesterday I wrote a post about me doing a lifestyle revolution on myself. I'm not doing a lifestyle change as this isn't big enough it's a revolution. I'm tired of the way things are at the moment, I'm bogged down with exhaustion and unhappiness. So I'm changing it all.

I went through what I'm calling the David Bowie moment! Which is below and we did the first five steps of this 10 step process. We looked at how we start this process of change and why we need to keep motivated. Click here if you missed the first five or if you're on the main page then scroll down! In this blog post I'm continuing with the next five steps in this process of change.

                   D ~ decide who you want to be and why.
                   A ~ apply yourself.
                   V ~ visualise achieving your goals.
                    I ~ immediate start.
                   D ~ diet and exercise.
                   B ~ be consistent.
                   O ~ organise yourself.
                   W ~ work at it.
                    I ~ indulge in what makes you happy.
                    E ~ environment. 

Right! So let's do the next 5 and work together to help each other. Remember to use the hashtag #AHLlifestylerevolution so that you can get support from others doing it to, including me.

10 Steps for a lifestyle change #AHLlifestylerevolution part 1

Balancing everything is hard so I'm making some
drastic changes to help me find balance.
I haven't blogged in awhile! I'm sorry. University this year has really taken it out of me. I'm exhausted all of the time and spend my Saturdays, which is when I do my videoing and writing, napping!! Yes, I sleep most of the day on a saturday now!! But, its all about to change. I'm fed up of feeling this way so I'm making some changes.

At the moment I'm very unhealthy, I skip meals, I eat bad things and I do too much in one go! I'm a workaholic. I can't stop myself. The problem I have though is that I'm a workaholic with poor time management skills so this causes me to work like mad monday to friday then crash on saturday then it starts all over again on sunday because I do some work for my church. But Saturday is my Amy hacks life day. So I'm sacrificing something I love. No, its not good enough. So I'm changing it. I'm breaking the cycle of work and exhaustion. I'm doing a lifestyle revolution on myself and I would love for you to join me.