Lifestyle revolution week 2 and 3 #AHLlifestylerevolution

Sorry I didn't post an update last week! I had an exam that I needed to revise for!! So this is week 2 and 3 update!


I'm still doing my Juice plus and I'm loving it! Last week I did break out on my face but its calmed down now and my skin is doing great! I did have one day where I forgot to take my Juice plus Vineyard capsules and to be honest I didn't notice a massive difference. However, this week we had a craft fair at my church and in the morning I had shovelled down my breakfast but forgot to have my Juice plus vanilla shake. I was in THE worst mood EVER! Everything got on my nerves! I was incredibly stressed over silly things and I generally felt just awful. I felt sluggish and tired, I felt very, very angry for no apparent reason! So, as soon as I got home I had my shake and Amy was suddenly at peace again! I felt energised and motivated, I no-longer felt angry and stressed. Therefore, I think I can't live without my shakes anymore! I definitely need them! In fact this morning I dropped one of my smoothie jugs that I use to make my shakes and it's cracked. I cried and cried!! I'm Dyspraxic!! I drop things all the time! I hadn't had my Juice plus shake yet!! After drinking that I felt immediately better and I didn't care that I had cracked the jug anymore! IS THIS SOME SORT OF BLACK MAGIC?!!