How to chop onions with no tears

I find it hilarious when I see the different methods people use to avoid crying when chopping onions. The most hilarious one for me though is putting googles on your eyes. I find it hilarious because, as someone who has studied science, I know that the reason we cry doesn't have anything to do with the eyes but with the nose. We smell the potent flavour of the onions and it causes a chemical reaction in our bodies that make us tear up.

Homemade multipurpose cleaner recipe

I love to save money. It's a passion installed in me from both my Grandmothers. When I find a way to PERMANENTLY save money, it makes me so happy I could burst! So when I found a way of making a multipurpose cleaner that the ingredients were ridiculously cheap, I nearly went through the roof!!

MOTD & OTD: My birthday

I thought about doing a long post with pictures on what I wore for my birthday. But I had already filmed a 'Get ready with me' on my YouTube channel. So what I thought I would do to save time is to link my video below and it tells you what I wore. I will also link all of the products and the outfits below the video.


Fathers day Earl Grey cupcake recipe

Fathers day in the UK is fast approaching! (I know in some countries its already come and gone but in the UK its the 21st of June). Now for my family Fathers day is usually combined with my dads birthday as its usually in the same week. My dad drinks a lot of tea! Specifically Earl Grey tea, so I always keep a stash of it at my house for when he comes around! For my dads birthday and for Fathers day I thought I would bake him some cupcakes. So as I was doing that, I thought I would share this recipe with you just in case you hadn't thought of something to get your Pops for Fathers day!!

Guess what?! She's back!!!

I'm back!! Have you missed me? So I've finished university for the summer so I'm back to doing what I really love! Helping you guys of course!

Unboxing and review of Sweet dream stationery subscription box

Unboxing and review for all the stationery addicts! Sweet dream stationery subscription box unboxing and review.

I love Instagram! Its one of my favourite social medias! But what I love more than social media is stationery!! I found a fabulous lady on Instagram that does monthly stationery subscription boxes. Her company is called Sweet dream stationery and she has recently moved over to etsy to open a shop! I reached out to her through Instagram to purchase a box (or two!!) to review. But she replied saying that she would like to gift me two boxes (February and March) to review for her! I was chuffed! So just a little disclaimer: