Fathers day Earl Grey cupcake recipe

Fathers day in the UK is fast approaching! (I know in some countries its already come and gone but in the UK its the 21st of June). Now for my family Fathers day is usually combined with my dads birthday as its usually in the same week. My dad drinks a lot of tea! Specifically Earl Grey tea, so I always keep a stash of it at my house for when he comes around! For my dads birthday and for Fathers day I thought I would bake him some cupcakes. So as I was doing that, I thought I would share this recipe with you just in case you hadn't thought of something to get your Pops for Fathers day!!

Guess what?! She's back!!!

I'm back!! Have you missed me? So I've finished university for the summer so I'm back to doing what I really love! Helping you guys of course!